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  Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva

Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva

In recent months, Eva has achieved tremendous success in the ring, and has established 
herself as one of Pippa L'Vinn's most persistent opponents.  However, the perilous 
pixie has decided that there is only one sure way to rise even higher and achieve 
greater fame and fortune, and that's...much like Shelby Beach and Lisa King before
her... to forge a tag team partnership with L'Vinn herself!

Of course, simply proposing such a partnership would accomplish nothing, Eva knows, 
so she decides to force the issue within the squared circle.  First she shocks Pippa 
by arriving wearing identical body suit and matching boots... and then 
she stuns the veteran by promising, "I'm going to wrestle you, and I'm going to 
beat you.  And I'm going to make you submit.  And then...I want you to let me be 
your tag-team partner."

Pippa is incredulous, but she agrees that if Eva can beat her... which L'Vinn avows 
she never will...then she'll think about possibly teaming up with her.

That's all Eva needs to hear, and she unleashes an offensive on her opponent that 
has Pippa reeling.  Eventually the veteran fights back, and the match becomes a 
feast for the eyes as both battlers subject one another to a vast array of holds 
and moves.  And of course Pippa being Pippa, there are more than a few rule-bending 
roughhouse tactics employed as well!

After a long and arduous contest, one woman manages to pin the shoulders of the 
other to the canvas, and to prove her point, count not to three, but to five! 
 BUT, not satisfied with only that, she then snares her adversary in another hold 
and forces her to verbally submit as well!  All the loser can do afterward is to 
crumple to the mat and moan, "Aw, hell...!"

Spectacular ring action from two of Britain's best!

20 minutes! | Mp4 | 530 megs | 1024x576 | Just 18.95!

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Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva

Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva

Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva

Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva