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:: Video 53 :: 'Maria Meets Her Match' #K-18

Maria Montana vs Lexie Fyfe

The Country Cowgirl meets the Foxy Lady! When Maria first came to the PGWA she was too impatient to slowly work her way up through the ranks. She wanted to make a big name for herself and fast! She kicked open that door with a barnburner of a match against Amber Holly. Now, she intends to catapult herself to the top by way of a win over Lexie Fyfe!

But Lexie has no intention of going into this best of 3 falls submission match overconfidently. She knows that not only is Montana an exceptonal wrestler, but she's also a champion amateur grappler and boxer making her as dangerous an opponent as one is likely to face!

Maria gets physical in this fight, using her pwoerful legs and exceptional upper body strength to rough up Lexie. But Fyfe has the rng savvy and experience to give her the edge over her opponent's raw power and the Foxy Lady makes the most of her experience!

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