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    Loxleigh vs Marie Storm

If there's one area in which England and the United States butt heads, it's in professional 
wrestling.  The Brits favor a more submission-based mat style, while Yanks lean toward 
'chain wrestling' punctuated with power or flying moves.

In this match we have two women who are both adept proponents of their national styles.  
The result is an exciting match that mixes the best of two worlds in an exciting 

English lass Loxleigh has the definite advantage in size and power, but American Marie 
has speed, agility, and plenty of moxie!  Tempers quickly flare as these two discover 
they have a genuine dislike for one another, resulting in rule-bending usage of closed 
fist punches, rope strangles, and flat-out choking!

The action is fast-paced and grueling as Marie and Loxleigh hit each other with 
everything they've got, and the advantage swings rapidly back and forth.  The end comes with 
one wrestler seemingly on the verge of victory, only to have the triumph snatched away 
from her at the last instant!

This is tremendous international action that you will not want to pass by!

16 minutes | MP4 | 252 megs | 640x480 | Just 19.95!

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