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  Championship Match

  Allie Parker vs Jennifer Thomas


The Queen is dead...long live the Queen! The Queen of the PGWA, that is.

June the 15th in Los Angeles saw the in-ring meeting of reigning PGWA Champion 
Allie Parker and challenger Jennifer Thomas. This was far from the first 
meeting between these two long-time rivals, but it promised to be their 
wildest yet!

Both women were at the absolute peak of their powers as they battled it out. 
Additionally, Allie frequently gained the upper-hand by use of questionable 
(if not outright illegal) maneuvers, but Jennifer was able to counter time 
and again. Still, neither could fully dominate the other, and just which 
wrestler might prevail remained in doubt right up until the very end, when 
Jen managed to use her opponent's own hubris against her, catching Allie by 
surprise and pinning her to the canvas for the 1-2-3!

In the immediate aftermath, Allie stormed around her locker room and vowed 
revenge. Her eleven month reign as the PGWA Champ now ended, she swore that 
she would regain the belt soon and hold onto it "for year and years!" She 
also darkly added, "And when I do win it back, I'll drive Jennifer Thomas 
out of the sport forever!"

In her own locker room, an exhausted by elated Jennifer told reporters that 
she was proud to be the new PGWA Champion...only the 12th woman to hold the 
belt since Susan Green first won it in 1992...but was equally proud of the 
way she won it. "I promised myself that I would win fairly and squarely, no 
matter what dirty tricks Parker pulled, and I managed to do that," the new 
Champ revealed, adding, "This is a very big day for me!" At this point several 
other wrestlers on that night's card came in and doused her with champagne.

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