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  Allie Parker vs Shelly Martinez

Shelly Martinez returns to the PGWA ring, this time shooting for the very top of the 
mountain as she challenges Allie Parker for her championship belt!

Shelly, of course, has long been recognized as one of the toughest women in the sport.  
However she now finds herself going up against a decidedly "new" Allie Parker, as the 
Champ has recently elected to ignore the rulebook and take the plunge into the heel waters.

There's plenty of solid action in this one, with both battlers slamming one another 
from pillar to post, and applying some agonizing holds that would drive lesser women 
to not only submit, but possibly give up wrestling altogether!  But as Martinez quickly 
discovers, the Champ is no longer reluctant to do whatever she has to in order to gain 
the upper hand...whether that means choking, scratching or even biting her rival!

The battle reaches its pinnacle as one beauty snares the other in a crushing Figure Four 
Headscissors, taunting the woman trapped between her steely thighs, until finally the 
nearly-unconscious victim has no choice but to tap out!

As Allie Parker nears the one year mark of her title reign, it has become clear that 
she will be utterly ruthless in making sure the PGWA strap stays firmly around her waist.  
Will Shelly be the woman to take the belt from her?  Add this to your connoisseur's 
collection to find out!

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