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:: Video 41 :: 'Pride of APW' #CF-3

Melissa Anderson vs Nene Kimura

From the Chick Fight card...

From Dr Mike Lano's match report...

Melissa Anderson, had a 4+ star holds/maneuvers match with Nene Kimura who is training for the next few months at APW before returning to JD star promotion in Japan. They continued the feud they had from the last big Gym Wars 3 weeks ago when they tore the house down for that main event. This was an even better match, if that's possible, which had all the psychology, rationale, moves and escapes so many cry for at WWE and elsewhere --- and this was a women's match.

Could've easily been part of a Wrestlemarinpiad (sp) joint show in Japan--it was that good and Nene can work the crowd too. Melissa has already put in her 4 months+ in Japan (she'd like to go back one more time besides more trips to Mexico and Germany) and Les Thatcher and so many at WWE are already impressed with her after seeing her work at OVW). Both do the AJW screeching bigtime and were really intense for this, Nene doing the Japan hairtossing of Melissa all over the ring. Melissa got a surprise submission out of nowhere with a move I've never seen before and win, but I'm sure they'll be feuding and giving more state of the art female matches at APW before Nene sadly has to return back to Japan. Perhaps the best technical match on the show, and that's saying something. I can't say enough great things about this ROH/KOI type match but what else would one expect from these two pros?

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