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Nemesis vs Tracy Taylor


Nemesis vs Tracy Taylor

When Tracy Taylor shocked the wrestling world in late 2008 by beating Nikki Roxx for the PGWA Championship, she was hailed as a 'Giant Killer'. Soon enough, the Island Girl became a giant in her own right, but facing and defeating a wide array of challengers for her belt (including a true giant herself, 6'9" Isis!). Much as it was the case with Nikki Roxx before her... and Pippa L'Vinn before her, for that became commonplace to assume that Tracy would possess the title for as long as she wished to, and that there was no woman in the sport who could beat her for it.

Although there was certainly no shortage of contenders! But time after time, night after night, each and every one of these would-be champions fell to Taylor.

And then came the woman known as Nemesis.

Although a relative newcomer to the sport, she had made a big splash in the PGWA several months earlier, clicking with fans who, in spite of her heel status, liked her talent and her work ethic. Indeed, the fans would go on to vote Nemesis as the 2010 Rookie of the Year, the same honor which the likes of Joanie "Chyna" Lauer, Amber O'Neal and Christie Ricci had used to springboard into stardom. Winning that prestigious award got Nemesis to start seriously thinking about making a run for the title.

In order to make the most of her shot at the belt, Nemesis hit the gym, and she hit it HARD. She dropped weight, sacrificing some of her raw strength for added speed and agility. She studied videos of Tracy's past matches against the likes of Jazz, Melissa Coates and Christie Ricci... women who had styles similar to that of Nemesis. She quite literally transformed herself into a wrestler whose sole purpose was to beat Tracy Taylor.

Finally, the two met in the ring. The Champ displayed not the slightest fear of her opponent... and her confidence was well-placed, as Taylor was very near the top of her game. The match that resulted was a titanic struggle between two fighters at their respective peaks... an epic battle that displayed them both at their very best.

Title changes in the PGWA are relatively rare, and they are always worth seeing. Do yourself a favor and do NOT miss your chance to witness this historic match!

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Nemesis vs Tracy Taylor Nemesis vs Tracy Taylor Nemesis vs Tracy Taylor

Nemesis vs Tracy Taylor Nemesis vs Tracy Taylor Nemesis vs Tracy Taylor

Nemesis vs Tracy Taylor Nemesis vs Tracy Taylor Nemesis vs Tracy Taylor

Nemesis vs Tracy Taylor Nemesis vs Tracy Taylor Nemesis vs Tracy Taylor

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