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Tracy vs Christie

After weeks of negotiation, the match had been set and the contracts signed: Tracy Taylor would defend her belt against Christie Ricci in Nashville on July the 17th, 2010 on the WXCW card.

And then, things... changed.

The morning of the 17th, Christie called the PGWA office and DEMANDED that she and Tracy wrestle not that evening, but rather that very afternoon! The Mississippi Queen was calling out the Island Girl for a GrudgeMatch. Commissioner Susan Green was reluctant to grant the request, but she did agree to consult with Taylor first. And Tracy felt she knew immediately what Ricci's plan was: "She wants to go into the card tonight as the new Champion, not as a contender. And she also thinks that moving our match up a few hours might throw me off my game, make me sloppy. Well, she can think whatever she likes... just tell her it's on, and I'm ready."

As for Christie, she was virtually chomping at the bit to get this battle started. Literally from her first day in the PGWA, she's heard from fans and fellow wrestlers alike that she's a ‘sure thing' to be the Champ. However, despite one of the most successful careers in PGWA history... and the most title shots of any woman ever... that ten pounds of leather and gold has eluded her waist. Leilani Kai, Pippa L'Vinn and Nikki Roxx had all repulsed Ricci's efforts to win the title. Now, on this very day, the blonde was determined that Tracy Taylor would be the woman to fall, and the crown would be Christie's at last!

And in the opening moments, it certainly appeared that this match was Ricci's to lose, as she used her superior power in a test of strength to drive the Champion to her knees. Yet, displaying the raw determination that has taken her to the top of the sport, Taylor manages to reverse their situation, forcing the challenger to shift tactics.

Both women trade holds, each managing to seize control of the fight for a brief while, until her rival again turns the tide. Growing frustrated at this veritable stalemate, Christie breaks out some of her rougher tactics, risking possible disqualification. But, her anger up, Taylor demonstrates that she's quite adept at employing rulebending moves as well!

They battle on, pounded and panting, punishing each other with an array of moves and holds; in particular, their legs are both weapons and targets. Within minutes, both thumped beauties are left limping.

Ultimately, one woman manages to apply a signature leghold, forcing her agonized adversary to unwillingly tap out. The ecstatic winner hobbles back to collect the title belt, while the dejected loser nearly topples to the floor in agony as she attempts to stand on her battered stems.

This is one of the most important matches of the year, featuring two of the very best women to ever set foot in the PGWA ring. Need we even say... YOU DARE NOT MISS THIS!

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Tracy vs Christie Tracy vs Christie Tracy vs Christie

Tracy vs Christie Tracy vs Christie Tracy vs Christie

Tracy vs Christie Tracy vs Christie Tracy vs Christie

Tracy vs Christie Tracy vs Christie Tracy vs Christie