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Roxie Cotton vs Marti Belle

Roxie Cotton vs Annie Social


Not one... not two... but THREE new PGWA debuts in this one!

We open up with an... energetic... interview with Roxie, who's accompanied by her fellow 'Beatdown Betty', Annie Social. Somewhere in her trilling flood of words, Valley girl Roxie declares she's going to beat her scheduled opponent, Marti Belle ("Is that like a cowbell?" she inquires). And then she's off on other topics, and it takes some doing to get her back on the issue at hand.

But for all of her apparent dizziness, Roxie is a lethal competitor in the ring, blending Old School style with a hardcore tendency, capped off with an utter fearlessness. Marti, a highly skilled wrestler in her own right, definitely has her hands full in this one!

But if Cotton thought that having Annie at ringside offering advice would give her the winning edge, she made a fatal mistake; momentarily distracted by her partner's efforts to share strategy with her, Roxie finds herself caught from behind and rolled up for the 1... 2... 3!

Furious at her loss, Roxie takes it out on Social verbally, and a shoving war quickly erupts. This leads to the two erstwhile partners angrily agreeing to have a match later that same evening.

These two best friends, as close as sisters, let loose the emotional floodgates, bringing forth every bit of antagonism and resentment they've ever felt for one another but repressed, and that fury fuels them in what proves to be an even wilder battle than the first match! Astonishingly, despite having already wrestled once this night, Roxie is on an adrenalin high, and she matches Annie blow for blow, dirty trick for dirty trick.

This fast-paced fracas comes to a sudden end when one woman executes an awesome Leg Split Slam (in the words of announcer Rick Deezel, "She just split her in half!"), then clinches on a Chin Lock, forcing her partner/victim to frantically tap out... and even then, the victorious vixen won't let go!

Without a doubt, Roxie Cotton is a force of nature that you won't soon forget... and when you add Marti Belle and Annie Social to this one, you've got the makings of a classic back-to-back event you don't DARE want to be without!

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Roxie Rules the Ring Roxie Rules the Ring Roxie Rules the Ring

Roxie Rules the Ring Roxie Rules the Ring Roxie Rules the Ring

Roxie Rules the Ring Roxie Rules the Ring Roxie Rules the Ring

Roxie Rules the Ring Roxie Rules the Ring Roxie Rules the Ring

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