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"Le Meilleur des Deux Mondes"
 (The Best of Both Worlds)

Josianne vs Pippa L'Vinn

Josianne vs Pippa

Truly, the title says it all! Josianne is Canada's premier wrestler, and Pippa can claim the same title for Great Britain. Now, they face off in an epic battle that is sure to be the stuff of legends!

Ordinarily, the opening moments of a match are a time of testing, as the wrestlers probe and judge their opponent with such basic moves as headlocks and armbars. Those holds are employed here, but in this instance, both Josianne and Pippa ratchet up the intensity from the very start, seeking submissions before the battle is even minutes old.

Just how intense things are is demonstrated when one beauty escapes a hold with a very illegal forearm swing between the stems! That sets the tone for the battle that unfolds, as neither wrestler asks nor receives quarter.

Full arsenals of moves are on display here... from headscissors, anklelocks and camel clutches to tests of strength, headbutts and strangleholds... and more than a few low blows! These are two of the most learned women in the pro ring today, as they amply prove. (And as impressive as so many of the holds are, many of the means of escape are particularly astounding!)

We are so used to seeing each of them so dominant against other opponents, it's almost a shock to see both Pippa and Josianne so helpless at times in this one, tormented, sobbing and screaming in anguish. Of course, such howls are music to the ears of the tormentor, and both women delight in taunting and mocking one another whenever she is in command.

These are truly the best of both worlds, and now those worlds collide!

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Josianne vs Pippa Josianne vs Pippa Josianne vs Pippa

Josianne vs Pippa Josianne vs Pippa Josianne vs Pippa

Josianne vs Pippa Josianne vs Pippa Josianne vs Pippa

Josianne vs Pippa Josianne vs Pippa Josianne vs Pippa

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