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"April Gets Even"

First of all, don't assume from the title that April is destined to win this one. What it really refers to is her overall performance here. Those who saw the first April/Pippa match (#205) will recall how green the newcomer was, although her fiery enthusiasm very nearly made up for her lack of experience.

Now, nearly a year later, these two return to the ring... and L'Vinn discovers that her opponent is very much a changed woman! From the very start, young April moves with a new sense of confidence... and that confidence is born out as she immediately takes the fight to her more seasoned adversary.

What ensues is nearly a full half-hour of some of the roughest fighting either woman has ever engaged in! Lots of arm and leg locks here, scissors, chokeholds, octopus holds, figure fours, and good old-fashioned fisticuffs!

But as brutal as most of the match is, things REALLY get wild when one beauty retrieves a foreign object she had hidden on her person and uses it to batter her opponent into oblivion!

This one ends with brief interviews from both... and the loser speaks while receiving first aid for a nasty gash in her scalp and awaiting the ambulance!

There can be no doubt that Pippa is one of the greatest women in British wrestling... and as this match proves, April is striving for greatness herself, and she may just achieve it here!

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Pippa L'Vinn vs April Pippa L'Vinn vs April Pippa L'Vinn vs April

Pippa L'Vinn vs April Pippa L'Vinn vs April Pippa L'Vinn vs April

Pippa L'Vinn vs April Pippa L'Vinn vs April Pippa L'Vinn vs April