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"West Coast Chaos"

They say no one fights harder than sisters. Well, the same holds true for tag team partners. Sometimes the competitive edge that makes them such a flawless machine together gets turned on one another... and when that happens, things can get nasty!

That's certainly the case here, as longtime and steadfast partners Erica and Morgan (known collectively as "Bump 'n Grind") find themselves on opposite sides of the ring, and their friendship is set aside as the kid gloves get torn off!

Erica certainly has no reservations about dipping into her bag of dirty tricks; early on, the referee warns her to make a clean break, but she decides instead to bury a fist into Morgan's abdomen. The ref feels compelled to enlighten her, "That was the opposite of a clean break, Erica." But although all three of them know it, D'Erico still argues the point. Clearly, she intends to get away with as much as she can in this match…and inflict as much damage on her partner as possible. When it comes to adding a ‘W' to the record book, friendships don't count for much in pro wrestling!

But don't think that Morgan can't take care of herself! They grow ‘em tough in Utah, and now that she knows how her partner intends to fight, she gives Erica a taste of her own medicine.

As so the battle rages on. As partners, they know each other's secret weaknesses, and they work to exploit them, making for a rousing match that you won't want to miss!

The PGWA continues its sojourn to the West Coast, and this match brings you along for the wild ride!

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Erica vs Nikki Erica vs Nikki Erica vs Nikki

Erica vs Nikki Erica vs Nikki Erica vs Nikki

Erica vs Nikki Erica vs Nikki Erica vs Nikki

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