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"California Challenge"

It's PGWA West Coast! Utilizing the legendary Ric Drasin's private training ring, we brought Arizona's Erica and Brooklyn's Nikki to sunny Southern California to battle it out!

The midday sun left the mat blazing hot, but the action was even hotter, as these two experienced grapplers flip, slam and pound one another relentlessly. There's bad blood between them, and both women were bound and determined to make her PGWA debut a victorious one.

The action is fast, furious, and entirely fitting to kick off our new West Coast series of matches.

PGWA fans will delight in discovering the talents of Erica and Nikki, and pro wrestling fans everywhere will marvel at their skills.

Add this exciting new match to your collection today, and watch for other upcoming bouts featuring these two talented wrestlers!

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Erica vs Nikki Erica vs Nikki Erica vs Nikki

Erica vs Nikki Erica vs Nikki Erica vs Nikki

Erica vs Nikki Erica vs Nikki Erica vs Nikki

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