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"Speed vs Strength"

April patiently awaits her regular sparring partner, only to be surprised when Shelby steps into the ring instead! The two had previously met in a handicap match (Download #207), and ever since, Beach has been anxious to take on the conniving little brunette one-on-one.

As the title says, this is a contest between Shelby's matchless strength and April's viper speed. But at first, it appears that April definitely has the odds stacked against her; moments after locking up, Beach easily throws her opponent head over heels across the length of the ring... twice!

That, at first blush, might indicate that this battle is going to be short and sweet (at least for Shelby). But April, after all, is the youngster who has given both Pippa L'Vinn and Roxi some of the toughest challenges they've faced in this past year, and she's confident that both her speed and her craftiness will take the blond powerhouse down.

And much to the surprise of Shelby, April then proceeds to more than hold her own, punishing her larger opponent with grueling moves. At times, it's all Beach can do to just make a grab for the ropes to break the hold and gain a brief respite.

Of course, anyone who knows Shelby Beach also knows she can give as good as she gets. But even a veteran such as she can be startled... such as when she subjects April to a leg spread, only to be shocked at how flexible her adversary is, and how little effect the ordinarily crippling maneuver has!

The action is fast and furious throughout, although the torture these two inflict on one another painfully takes its toll. The advantage swings wildly back and forth between the pair, and the ending is literally in doubt until the LAST THREE SECONDS!

The British lasses never fail to excite and entertain, and this bout is no exception. Be sure to add it to your collection today!

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Shelby vs April Shelby vs April Shelby vs April

Shelby vs April Shelby vs April Shelby vs April

Shelby vs April Shelby vs April Shelby vs April

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