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"Drama Queen Girl"

Once again, LadySports made their way to the city of Manchester, England, where a couple of battling British ladies were about to throw down in a tournament worthy of a knight's jousting... albeit with a lot less armor. (That's a joke, folks.)

The estimable Pippa L'Vinn wore the ref's striped shirt for the encounter. The ladies in the lists were ROXI, a compact yet powerful 112-pound beauty in a pink and black suit, who had been doing great at the Wrestling Factory, and DONNA, a slightly larger hottie in a black two-piece outfit who radiated confidence and a little cruelty.

When asked if she had any ring strategy, Donna replied, "No... no... no... no." The interviewer decided, "I guess that means no, then." Roxi was a bit shyer answering questions, but her shyness definitely didn't affect her wrestling, as she was about to show in spades.

Action commences as soon as Pippa says "Wrestle on, girls", and it doesn't let up for three punishing, groan-inducing falls. Roxi turns out to be a small stick of dynamite, and Donna a sly and powerful contender in black. Not all the tactics are legal, and some are downright sneaky. But that's all right. In between the armlocks, leglocks, scissors, smashes, and rollups, only Pippa really has time to notice. When she can, that is.

There's enough action in this one for two regular matches, but it all happens in one, so LadySports only charges for the one match. We think that's a generous thing to do, and you'll undoubtedly agree. So get ready to see two Brit beauties throw down, across, sideways, and every other way on each other... and wait till the end when you'll learn the secret of the title... "DRAMA QUEEN GIRL!"

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Roxi vs Donna Roxi vs Donna Roxi vs Donna

Roxi vs Donna Roxi vs Donna Roxi vs Donna

Roxi vs Donna Roxi vs Donna Roxi vs Donna

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