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"Before the Gold"

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A secret gem from the PGWA treasure chest! This GrudgeMatch was shot just a few years back, shortly after Venus was named as the Rookie of the Year, and she was facing the challenge of another young newcomer to the sport, Nikki Roxx. Even this early in their careers, it was obvious to see that both women had the skills to be stars!

Apparently, winning the Rookie honor went to Venus's head a bit, because right from the start, it becomes obvious that the "Sinful" Latina has grown cocky. But brash or not, when you couple her vast skills and sheer raw power, you've got a combination that makes for one formidable adversary in the ring!

But Nikki (who's plenty cocky in her own right here) is undaunted as she takes on her opponent. The lithe blond is ever-ready to match the curvaceous brunette hold for hold…and maybe teach Venus a few new moves as well.

This tremendous Best of 3 Falls match ably displays the prowess of both women, and demonstrates not only why one wrestler earned her Rookie of the Year plaudits, but also gives us a glimpse of just how the other woman would go on to become the PGWA Champion and an international superstar. Whatever you do, don't miss this match!

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Nikki vs Venus Nikki vs Venus Nikki vs Venus

Nikki vs Venus Nikki vs Venus Nikki vs Venus

Nikki vs Venus Nikki vs Venus Nikki vs Venus

Nikki vs Venus Nikki vs Venus Nikki vs Venus