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Debbie Combs vs Shannon Shade

"Newcomer's Test"

January, 1997

Debbie Combs vs Shannon Shade

A never-before-seen classic from the PGWA vault!

Debbie Combs certainly needs no introduction to the true fan of women's pro wrestling. As one of the all-time greats of the 'Modern Era', Combs had gone everywhere, wrestled everyone, and won just about every title worth having, including the historic NWA Women's World Championship. Having scaled the heights and ruled atop the mountain for some two decades, Debbie finally decided to retire while still at the peak of her game. And in the time since, her legion of fans have had to live with the sad knowledge that they'd never get to see her in action again.

Until now, that is.

Back in the 1990s, Debbie wrestled so often for the PGWA, it's almost embarrassing to admit that we completely overlooked this GrudgeMatch for over a decade.

And this match is pure Combs at her best... and her nastiest! She's facing rookie Shannon Shade, fresh out of Champagne, Illinois, and the veteran was not feeling particularly charitable that day. The ref is the first to feel her temper, as she has a few choice words with him before the action even starts.

As the match unfolds, Debbie decides to give Shannon a veritable schooling in the fine art of Southern rasslin', and things look bleak for the newcomer. But then, to the surprise of all (particularly Combs), the newcomer comes to life and turns the fight around!

The changing tides of this battle are best represented by the punishing leglocks which the two women trade, each struggling mightily to reverse the agonizing hold and turn it around on the other, only to find herself suffering again moments later.

Both wrestlers are bound and determined to make the other verbally submit, and they literally torture one another with arm and leg holds, bodyscissors, headlocks and more (including some illegal tactics from Debbie). The more experienced Combs seems to grow angrier by the minute as her neophyte adversary continues to defy the odds and give the blond one hell of a rousing challenge!

As the end draws near, the women forget about trying to make the other give up, and they pull out all of the stops just to try and plant the other down on the mat long enough for a three count. But while the referee's hand slaps the canvas for two more than a few times, both battlers are still able to draw on something deep inside of themselves to kick out. Finally, it takes a brutal forearm smash to knock the steam out of one of them and leave her down for three.

If you're a longtime fan of Debbie Combs, you'll love to see her once again in her heyday. And if you've only heard about her, but never seen Debbie in action, then this match is your introduction to one of the very best women the sport has seen!

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Debbie Combs vs Shannon Shade Debbie Combs vs Shannon Shade Debbie Combs vs Shannon Shade

Debbie Combs vs Shannon Shade Debbie Combs vs Shannon Shade Debbie Combs vs Shannon Shade

Debbie Combs vs Shannon Shade Debbie Combs vs Shannon Shade Debbie Combs vs Shannon Shade

Debbie Combs vs Shannon Shade Debbie Combs vs Shannon Shade Debbie Combs vs Shannon Shade