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Back to Back Brawls

Josie vs Lexi Lane

Josie vs Lexi Lane

Pretty, pulchritudinous pummelers in back-to-back brawling battles!

Josie, loved and hated in equal measure by the fans, makes her return at last to the PGWA, where she squares off against one of the PGWA's most exciting new talents, Lexi Lane!

Right from the start of the first match, shot before a live crowd in Tennessee, this gets personal for Josie, as she's decidedly unhappy that her opponent is able to whip up more crowd support than she does. She decides to make Lexi regret upstaging her…but she hadn’t counted on the fact that Lane is more than just another pretty face, she has talent to burn in the ring!

The blond goes at her more experience adversary hard and fast, and puts Josie on the defensive throughout much of the early going in the battle. After one particularly painful armlock, Josie slips out of the ring so that a supporter in the crowd can massage the ache away! Of course, such stalling tactics serve to frustrate and confound Lexi, which plays right into Josie's cunning hands.

The advantage swings back and forth as both women dig deep into their arsenals to overcome the other. A winner finally does emerge, but the loser isn't happy about it, angrily claiming a pull of the tights cost her the victory, and she demands a GrudgeMatch to settle the issue conclusively.

They meet the following day at the SAW Arena, with no crowd present, but with each of them possessing a fury that fills the room. What had begun as animosity the night before has erupted into all-out hatred for each other, and they hold nothing back now!

But this is no wild back alley melee…both Josie and Lexi are highly-trained competitors, and they make this a battle of skills, as both of them struggle to out-wrestle the other and prove her superiority. After a rousing contest, a near-crippling modified Boston Crab drives one proud woman to tap out.

Two of the best women in the PGWA today, in two outstanding matches! Don’t you DARE deny yourself this!

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Josie vs Lexi Lane Josie vs Lexi Lane Josie vs Lexi Lane

Josie vs Lexi Lane Josie vs Lexi Lane Josie vs Lexi Lane

Josie vs Lexi Lane Josie vs Lexi Lane Josie vs Lexi Lane

Josie vs Lexi Lane Josie vs Lexi Lane Josie vs Lexi Lane

Josie vs Lexi Lane Josie vs Lexi Lane Josie vs Lexi Lane

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