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from "The Eye of the Storm"

Here's a rare mixed tag match from the PGWA, featuring two female newcomers to the ring, Brooklyn and Delaney, teamed up with two male wrestlers who had been feuding with one another in the Carolinas, Amos and Buddy.

Delaney had, of course, been a popular Southern Belle. But in her pro mixed tag debut, she turned her back on the fans to embrace wickedness, with a penchant for black leather and a paddle. Her partner brings to the match what must surely be one of the most magnificent mullets in all of wrestling!

Before the match begins, Brooklyn and Mercedes perform a dance for the fans, a la the WCW Nitro Girls...and are mocked by their opponents, who just want to get the battle started.

The ring skills of both Delaney and Brooklyn are still raw, but it's plain to see that they're two talented young women. And what they may lack in technical polish, they make up for in determination!

This erupts into a wild melee that sees all four wrestlers slugging it out in the ring, with the ending coming fast and furiously!

There aren't very many mixed matches in the PGWA archives, so don't miss your chance to see this one!

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Mixed Tag Mixed Tag Mixed Tag

Mixed Tag Mixed Tag Mixed Tag

Mixed Tag Mixed Tag Mixed Tag

Mixed Tag Mixed Tag Mixed Tag