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Columbia Clash 3

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Columbia Clash 3

This is an impromptu IWA-Midsouth Women's title match. These two had actually fought earlier that night at another show inNashville, with Knuckles winning that one. But they were both so eager to get their hands on one another again, they each raced down toColumbia and demanded they be added to the card!

On the mic, Josie complains about the last time she was here, losing her Tennessee State Women's title to Susan Morton (solely because Morton cheated, Josie maintains). A fan angrily tries to jump the security rope and get at Josie, but security restrains the irate woman while Josie taunts her.

The match begins, and Mickie opens with a monkeyflip...and Josie takes a timeout. Mickie will have none of that, and they mix it up. Knuckles reverses a wristlock and takes down Josie, who rakes the eyes and bails out of the ring to gather her wits.

Back in the ring, Josie reverses a waistlock into a headlock, out into an armbar, then slips in a hairpull takedown. Mickie complains to the ref. Josie back on the outside, but an impatient Mickie dives through the ropes at her, and they crash to the arena floor! Mickie grabs a headlock and drags Josie around the outer ring, slamming her head into the apron. They trade forearms and chops. Josie suplexes Mickie on the floor, then rolls her back in.

Josie with some blows to the back, then chokes. Mickie comes back with forearms and some really loud chops. Josie hits a running kneelift for 2, then goes for an STF version, but spanks Mickie instead. They trade forearms again, then Josie whips Mickie into the corner and backdrops her. Mickie right back up and Germans Josie, then hits a shining wizard and covers Josie for the pin in 11:00

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