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Columbia Clash 1

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Columbia Clash 1


The two teams are introduced, and in a show of mutual respect, Susan and Maria shake hands with Brittany. But Simone looks on in disgust as her partner accepts the friendly gesture from their enemies, and she refuses to shake hands.

Susan and Brittany exchange armdrags as the crowd is split on cheering between the two. Susan, who has been encouragingBrittany of late in the younger woman's efforts to leave her rulebreaking past behind and become a scientific wrestler, actually helps lead the “Go Brittany go” cheers!

Tags made, and Maria with headlock on the mat, but Simone works out and puts Maria in a headscissors. Maria rolls up and over, but Simone commences with the hairpulling and choking. Simone stomps away and tags Brittany, who snapmares Maria. Maria gets free and tags Susan, who grabs a headlock.Brittany works free and tags Simone, who get worked over, including Maria going for a surfboard on her, bending Simone over her raised knees. Simone rolls out and gets a quick cover, then tags Brittany, who opens up on Maria, choking and chopping her.Brittany schoolgirls Maria out of the corner for 2, but Maria gets away to make the tag. Susan in with an armbar, butBrittany with a hairpull takedown. Simone in with a clothesline followed by an STF try, but Susan rolls over and kicks Simone away. Maria gets a toehold, but Simone makes the ropes, then rolls out for a break. Back in, the two do a test of strength with each bending the other backwards. Maria slingshots Simone face first into the mat, then sits on her back and applies a Boston crab.

Brittany unhappily walks off, leaving her partner to struggle back to the dressing room.

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