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Shelby Beach vs the Baroness Simone

Two genuine Euro-powerhouses meet... Shelby weighs in at 170 lb. of muscle, and Simone scores at 172 lb... and there’s a lot more riding on this match than just a simple 'W' in the record book. Simone is the protégé of Pippa L’Vinn (who referees this match), Beach's mortal enemy, and the Blonde Bomber would like nothing more than to humiliate her rival's prized pupil. Likewise, the German brunette is anxious to prove herself by beating the woman her mentor hates the most.

Both battlers put their strength to good use with a series of excruciating arm and leg holds... and their raw power also helps them withstand the torment in spite of the pain! Simone particularly suffers at the hands of her experienced opponent (at one point Shelby growls, "I’ll break your arm!" and it's less of a threat than a promise). But the Baroness ably demonstrates that she has learned her craft well from Pippa; longtime Shelby Beach fans will be shocked to hear how she screams in agony in this one!

Adding to the blonde's woes is the fact that L'Vinn is far from an impartial referee. Has Shelby bitten more than she can chew? All we can say is, with everything that happens to her in this one, she is NOT a happy woman in her post-match interview!

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Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone

Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone

Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone

Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Simone