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Pippa vs Erin

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Pippa L'Vinn vs Erin Angel

'Old School' grappler Pippa faces self-professed 'New School' rising star Erin in a tremendous battle that pits LíVinnís skill and strength against the newcomers zeal and speed.

One might expect the veteran to have little trouble with the rookie, but Erin proves herself to be much more than just another diamond in the rough...she has the talent and the training to be a force in the ring (despite her diminutive size)! Between her formidable abilities and Pippa's over-confidence, Angel manages to take early control of the match, and L'Vinn find she has a real fight on her hands!

Finding herself unable to overcome her dynamic opponent with legitimate wrestling moves, Pippa reaches into her bag of dirty tricks, and Erin gets an entirely new ring education! Still, seizing the upper hand doesnít come all that easily to the wily veteran, and victory is hardly within easy reach for her, despite her rulebreaking.

This is Pippa L'Vinn at her craftiest, and Erin Angel will without a doubt emerge as an important star in British wrestling someday. See them both here at their best!

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Pippa vs Erin Pippa vs Erin Pippa vs Erin

Pippa vs Erin Pippa vs Erin Pippa vs Erin

Pippa vs Erin Pippa vs Erin Pippa vs Erin

Pippa vs Erin Pippa vs Erin Pippa vs Erin